Review – Evolution Steel Strings

A handsome review on Evolution Steel Strings.   No other acoustic guitar sample library or virtual instrument has achieved the same level of realism sounding.

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Cinematic Strings 2 – Quick Walkthrough

Cinematic Strings 2 is a versatile orchestral vsti of the original orchestral strings sample library. Featured with warm luscious tones produced in the world class Verbrugghen…

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Getting starter with Presonus Studio One

This video covers all of the basics you need to know to get started making music with topics including the start page, adding instruments, recording MIDI and Audio, audio device…

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Presonus Studio One – Best DAW

Studio One® 4 is equipped with efficient, single-screen interface which comprises an unlimited number of tracks, intuitive editing tools, and advanced virtual instruments. Its is…

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Indian Drum and Percussion VSTi

Explore the sophisticated Native Instruments' Indian Drum and Percussion VSTi is a vast library of rhythmic patterns and historic scales, designed for ultimate realism and…

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Amazing 40 Guitar Techniques to Learn

Amazing 40 guitar techniques to learn. Beyond that, this is amazing simply as a piece of music, beautifully done. This video covers the following techniques like pull off,…

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A Large Orchestral Session At Air Studios

Witness in real time how quickly you can record orchestral players in London. Music Composer Christian invites you to the control room at Air Studios.

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Emotive Strings – Tutorial

EMOTIVE STRINGS offers you soaring legato lines and brilliant arpeggios - expressive, playable melodic string phrases in true-to-life realism.

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5 Best MIDI Keyboard Controllers To Buy

Looking for the best MIDI keyboard for your home or pro studio? Following are the few best midi controllers available that fits to a handy budget.

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VST Guitar – AmpleSound AGT

Ample Sound (Beijing Ample Sound Technology Co. Ltd), founded by Kane Kang, Shaoduo Xie and Jie Chen in 2011, is devoted to music technology products development.

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