YOGYA TU YESHU has been released on YouTube, on Judah Nation channel.


Judah Nation Band has just released the first international collab of the super hit Malayalam worship song “Ella naavum paadi vazhthum” in 6 languages ! Originally written and composed by renowned Christian music composer and song writer Libny Kattapuram, it is now translated in to 4 Indian languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Kannada & Telugu other than English & Malayalam.

Directed by the lead singer Esther Sheron, this release is such a wonderful fusion of different genres all on one page, from classical, carnatic, pop to jazz styles which is produced by one of the best musicians and producer Sabi Thankachan, along with Judah Nation’s band lead guitarist Aaron Raj.

This new sensational collab version features 35 artists and singers from all over the world, ranging from all over India, USA, UK, Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait etc.

Featuring this beautiful collab, we have in the lead Immanuel Henry, Persis John, Kenneth Silway, Praneet Calvin, Sheenu Mariam, Kiren Titus, Esther Sheron, Sheron James, Reni Peter, Blessy Ann-Jojy, Siji Samuel and other singers, with a guest appearance by Pr. Freddy Thomas (USA).

Translators: English (Esther Sheron & Kiren Titus), Hindi (Pr. Mathew John), Tamil (Pr. Jenson Jacob & Pr. Sam Jacob), Telugu (Pr. Sandeep), Kannada (Pr. Yeshupatham).

The lyrics of the song in all languages are available on Judah Nation’s channel.

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